Do you need a degree to teach English in Spain?

If English is your native language and you’re ready for a new experience, you might be considering becoming an English teacher abroad. This could be the perfect opportunity to make money and travel while you share your native language with others. But what if you have no official teaching credentials or experience? Could you still teach English in Spain?

At RVF International, we offer native speakers the opportunity to teach English abroad in Spain! And the great news is, no you do not need a teaching degree or a certification in English! One of the requirements for our program is that you have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Diploma, but it does not need to be related to teaching in any way. If you do wish to strengthen your skills while in Spain, we can help you get TEFL/TESOL certified and even give you a discount on the programs. This might open more opportunities for you in the future.

What Your Role Will Be in the Classroom

It’s important to understand what your role in the classroom would be. Our program participants, known at the schools as language assistants, teach in the classrooms of Spanish elementary, middle, and high schools. As a language assistant, you will act as an aid to the main teacher. You’ll be a linguistic model for the students. Since you are a native speaker, listening to and interacting with you will help the students perfect their pronunciation. At the same time, you can give insight into your own culture. Your goal is ultimately to engage the students and make the English teaching more interactive and immersive. As a native speaker, you are already an expert in your own language, and we’ll provide you the opportunity to share this expertise. This job is very rewarding, as the students are very eager to communicate with someone who is a native speaker. At the same time, you’ll get the chance to learn Spanish, explore beautiful Spain and its rich culture.

Contact RVF International to Start Your Teaching Abroad Journey

We are an international exchange and education company and we want to bridge the gap between travelers, teachers, adventurers, students, dreamers, explorers, and their destinations. If you want to teach in Spain, you are in the right place! What are you waiting for? Contact our team today and we’ll help you fulfill your dream of teaching English overseas in Spain!